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Call Super - fabric 92 CD

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In a few years Call Super's versatility has marked the London born artist as one of the brightest new lights on the DJ landscape. His rise has been steady and remarkable, reinforced at every stage with music that draws on a panoply of influences. The son of a New Orleans jazz clarinetist, his curiosity for music was driven by a childhood playing Spanish guitar and the piano before being burnished through teenage revelations in the London club scene.
"I love playing every hour of the night. However the late hours seemed strangely under represented within this series, and I thought it would be good to start there instead of using this opportunity to add another peak time chapter to the collection." Call Super
fabric 92 was created to be highly personal, a Polaroid of JR Seaton's way of mixing records. Because his own technique has been influenced by other discs in the series Joe wanted to capture the way he sometimes plays in a club. And that is what this mix is, the sound of a DJ who has drawn in so much in finding their own voice. Records layered and sliced with a deft array of techniques and a singular vision for the room and the time they are operating in. The mix eschews the common computer based approach and gives the listener a snapshot of a misty reality. Music should give you a better context for the everyday, it should elate, it should make you angry, sad, it heightens life. This understanding is at the root of Call Super's work.