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Maceo Plex - fabric 98

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This Miami born artist is one of dance music’s success stories. Eric Estornel aka Maceo Plex began his career as a DJ in 1993 playing a mixture of electro, House and Detroit techno. After earning a modest living opening up for acts like Green Velvet, Plastikman, and many other present day veterans, the enthusiastic conductor turned his sights to music production in 1996. What followed would be a series of releases under various monikers that have helped to shape and define his present day style characterised by deep opaque bass lines and lush soundscapes.
"fabric is easily one of my favourite clubs in the world and favourite CD series. I wanted to be my organic self and fit as much of the music I love into a modest 80 minutes. That required a bit of digging and mashing up of sounds, but I knew it would be doing the series a great disservice to take the task lightly." Maceo Plex

The mix takes in 13 exclusives from the likes of Voiski, Orbe, Jensen Interceptor, Jon Hester, Iron Curtain, Perestroika, North Lake, as well as Maceo himself under his Mariel Ito hat. It starts with an excursion into deep electro, then begins introducing a 4x4 kick drum 20 minutes in. From that point the listener is taken on a voyage through new wave and techno that builds to the climactic unreleased offering by Voiski. The ending is inwardly reflective and concludes fabric 98 in tranquility.

Note – both CD and digital formats of the compilation are comprised of the mixed tracks that when played in sequence form the complete continuous mix.

Track listing

  1. Perestroika - Searchlight [Unreleased]
  2. Peter Benisch - Sabine's Song [Eevo Lute]
  3. Pinch - Walking With Shadows [swamp81]
  4. Sebastopol - Manethon [Correspondant] / Jensen Interceptor - Haze feat. Skee Mask [Lone Romantic]
  5. Carl Finlow - Veiled [Lone Romantic]
  6. Mariel Ito - Xten [Lone Romantic]
  7. Fiberroot - Trindello [Unreleased] / Northlake - Ditch Drive [Lake Effekt Sound]
  8. Iron curtain - Condos (Maceo Plex Edit) [Pylon Records]
  9. Paradigm Shift - Requisition [NSoul Records]
  10. Maceo Plex - Mutant Magic (fabric Dub) [Ellum]
  11. Versalife - Portamento Quints [Transcendent]
  12. Maceo Plex - Mutant Quasar (fabric Dub) [Ellum]
  13. Brame & Hamo - Space Dub [Brame & Hamo]
  14. Architectural - Movement [Ellum]
  15. Maceo Plex - Mutant Radio [Ellum]
  16. Jon Hester - Corridors [Unreleased]
  17. Joel Mull - Backoldman [Plumphouse Records]
  18. D-Vince - Resource 1 [Old And Young Records]
  19. Vinyl Countdown - Ride [Kreisel]
  20. Dold - Revolution [Float Records] / Orbe - Focus [Lone Romantic]
  21. Voiski - Megatrance 2 [Super 95]
  22. Hiver - Zwicky [Obscura]