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Limited Edition Bundle: Day After A Night With U/Stars & Water, Black Market EP, Living With Ladybirds

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fabric Originals is the brand new, flagship label from one of the world’s most instantly recognisable electronic music entities, fabric. Aiming to showcase the best in premiere talent both established and rising from across genres, fabric Originals initial schedule will share new music in single, EP, album and compilation form.

A limited amount of each fabric Originals 12” will be available as a deluxe edition with an additional die-cut logo slipcase outer. The first three projects on the imprint from Eris Drew & Octo Octa, DJ Bone and Helena Hauff are available to buy together as a deluxe bundle in limited edition formats.


>> Digital files will be emailed to customers on the day of each EP's release starting with FRO001 on 6th September, then FRO002 in October, and FRO003 following in November. All three Limited Edition EPs will be shipped together once FRO003 is out in early November. <<

 >>Orders are limited to one per customer. <<


1. Eris Drew - Day After A Night With U / Octo Octa - Stars & Water (FRO001)

A. Eris Drew - Day After A Night With U
AA. Octo Octa - Stars & Water

Opening with ‘A Day After A Night With You’, Eris Drew draws on elements of the artist’s classic keyboard orchestrations within the context of acid breaks, adding chest-rattling bass notes to anchor the track’s eyes-down 4/4 rhythm. The track’s spiritual sensibilities push to the fore further with an infectious soul vocal sample and vintage feeling synths, alongside an almost spiritual mysticism that permeates the song’s skittering production and upbeat melodics. A sensual reverberation of shared love breaking the shackles of anxiety, the track’s acid line rips through the center of the ornamental keyboards, just like the coming together that inspired the night that ripped open Eris’ heart to fill her with love during a personally difficult time.

Created in reaction to ‘A Day After A Night With U ’s dancefloor wonder, Octo Octa’s ‘Stars & Water’ takes on a similarly heartfelt tone. Finding cues from a classic house sound, the track employs deftly swinging rhythms to build progressive energy. The track’s analog bassline contributes to its propulsive tempo before a beautifully spacious switch up leads the track from a high energy workout to a half-time wander through the track’s sonic oasis, before an ecstatic build towards a final climax. ‘Stars & Water’ carries strength and sweetness; bouncing and drifting to move one’s body, but also their heart.


2. DJ Bone – Black Market EP (FRO002)

A1. Rising
A2. Fulmination
B1. In Solution
B2. Power Of The Free

‘Black Market EP’ is DJ Bone’s first output after a long production hiatus. A widely-respected DJ, producer, and turntablist of the 90’s and 00’s with residencies across the major clubs of Detroit, he has described himself as ‘coming out of hiding’ for this release. Drawing on the full 4/4 force of Detroit techno, ‘Rising’, ‘Fulmination’ and ‘In Solution’ charge with his renewed passion. ‘Power Of The Three’ is a rolling DnB work proving Bone’s skills reach all corners of the dancefloor. Lineups see him sharing decks with legends like Goldie and DJ T-1000. He is also on bills with current techno figureheads like Amelia Lens at Ibiza’s DC10, and TYGAPAW, Anthony Parasole, Psyk at Tresor 31 in Berlin this summer. He’s the perfect fit for a new label from a legendary club like fabric, pointing both to the birthplace of techno and ahead to its future.


3. Helena Hauff – Living With Ladybirds

A1. Jonas
A2. Your Turn To Fly
B1. Touching Plastic 
B2. Pinch

German DJ Helena Hauff and ‘Return to Disorder’ label owner was the first female to be named BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix of the year in 2017. Helena’s focus has always been productions and DJing making her characteristic gnashing electro, acidic techno and chugging EBM tunes and sets her focus ahead of the limelight and fame that so many court. Her background studies in fine art, maths, physics and acoustics means her creative flair is perfectly expressed through the coaxing of weighty club sounds from her machines. With ‘Living With Ladybirds’ Hauff lays down four EBM-infused tracks recorded in her method of using strictly analogue equipment. There’s the eccentric electro of ‘Jonas’, the travelling melody behind ‘Your Turn To Fly’, the stripped down pulsing techno of ‘Touching Plastic’ and the rich rolling acid techno of ‘Pinch’.