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A fitting testament to fabric's broadened musical horizon, Bonobo is an artist who cuts across electronic music categorisation. He started out exploring elements of instrumental hip-hop, electronica and ambient with live instrumentation, before going on to work with a a sea of collaborators ranging from Erykah Badu and Andreya Triana to Rhye and Nick Murphy. His highly textural aesthetic translates seamlessly from an orchestrated live show to sought-after DJ gigs, which lend to his status as a tastemaker and affords him a loyal following around the world.

The compilation reflects Simon Green's penchant for both expansive combinations of mixed musical elements and intricate structures. He uses the multi-instrumental arrangements of his own work as the basic structure on which to build a narrative across 74 minutes of house, techno, electronica and breakbeat.


Bonobo goes on to pick 15 tracks from his fabric Presents mix to appear across double vinyl. The wax features his exclusive lead track 'Ibrik' plus his 'Boston Common' and 'Flicker' cuts. Other new tracks from the mix that make the vinyl grade include Dan Kye's 'Focus', Throwing Snow's 'Rheged', and R. Lyle's 'Perpetrator'.

* these tracks are available on vinyl

Customers who buy vinyl receive wavs of the tracks plus track of the mix.


Ibrik Ahead of the first release of fabric Presents, Bonobo presents an exclusive new track, ‘Ibrik’. It is an immersive dose of broken beats and delicate melodies that explore the interplay between a regular western 4-4 beat pattern and the plaintive play of middle eastern instrumentals.

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  1. Bonobo - Flicker [Unreleased] *
  2. Bonobo - Boston Common [Ninja Tune] *
  3. Poté - Jacquot (Waters of Praslin) [Unreleased] *
  4. Alex Kassian - Hidden Tropics [Utopia]
  5. Âme - Nia [Engoli] *
  6. Durante - Maia [Unreleased] *
  7. Dark Sky & Afriquoi - Cold Harbour [Unreleased] *
  8. Bonobo - Ibrik [fabric Records] *
  9. Olsen - Femenine [Mister Saturday Night] *
  10. O’Flynn - TKOTN [Hundred Flowers] *
  11. TSHA - Sacred [TSHA] *
  12. Will Saul - By Your Side [Simple Records | AUS Music]
  13. Titeknots - Buzzard Walk [Press Something Play Something]
  14. Dan Kye - Focus [Rhythm Section International] *
  15. Barakas - Roach [Unreleased]
  16. R. Lyle - Perpetrator [Unreleased] *
  17. Rone - Mirapolis (Laurent Garnier Remix) [InFiné]
  18. Throwing Snow - Rheged [Houndstooth] *
  19. Nepa Allstar - The Way [Surplus] *
  20. DJ Seinfeld - Stargard [Unreleased] *
  21. Earth Trax & Newborn JR ft. Annjet - If You (Club Mix) [Shall Not Fade]
  22. John Beltran - Collage of Dreams [Peacefrog Records]