fabric presents Danilo Plessow (ME)

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Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble), reaches globally for inspiration for his 'fabric presents' compilation. As with his monthly radio show 'State of Rhythm' on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM station, Danilo plays with a range of eras, locations and genres, with an emphasis on instrumentation.

The mix was recorded when the planet was struggling with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Danilo asked friends from all over the world what meaning music has for them, then cut their comments into the flow of the compilation. Their statements become ghost voices of a utopia whose relevance seems to be greater than ever in the face of global political and social conflict.

The interplay of styles is from the off: US composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s quartet merges with the tablas of Franco-Chilean jazz trio SKUAS who hand over to the Berlin techno-dub kings Basic Channel, followed by the New York organist Ray Castoldi aka Scientist. The comp includes both Danilo’s exclusive and delicate ‘Nightfall’ with jazz instrumentalists Francesco Geminiani and Peter Schlamb lending their talents, as well as 'Decay/Sustain/Release' under his project name Basic-Variation. The furious finale, introduced by the french avant-garde rock sounds of Jean-Claude Petit's 'Stones Of Law', leads on to Moonstarr's'Detriot', and concludes with John Kongo's disco-infused 'I'm Dreaming'; the mix and its author are brought back to themselves - a boundless and timeless manifesto, a declaration of love to the unifying power of music.


Note: digital products on this page are the mixed tracks - and when played in sequence form the continuous mix. See fabric Records on Bandcamp for a bundle of the full tracks included in this mix.


  1. Intro
  2. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Understanding Body Messages [Ghostly International]
  3. SKUAS - Traversée [Aroc]
  4. Rhythm & Sound ft. Paul St. Hilaire - Music A Fe Rule Part 1 [Rhythm & Sound]
  5. Scientist - In Orbit [X-Ray Records]
  6. Recloose ft Dwele – Can’t Take It (Herbert’s Some Dumb Dub) [Planet E]
  7. Moogroove - Dark Room [Essential Media Group]
  8. Jeroen Vink - Waka Wakah [Reliant]
  9. Powder - Random Ladder with 40 [Born Free Records]
  10. Danilo Plessow ft. Francesco Geminiani & Peter Schlamb - Nightfall [fabric Records]
  11. Proxyan - Sky Walkers [Space Grapes]
  12. Basic-Variation - Decay/Sustain/Release [Space Grapes]
  13. Ciel - Raindance [Peach Discs]
  14. Hypnobeat - Can God Rewind? (part 2) [Hypnobeat]
  15. Cabaret Voltaire - Taxi Mutant [Plastex]
  16. THE ORDER - E.W.R. (Sex) [Male Records]
  17. The Other People Place – It’s Your Love [Warp Records]
  18. $tinkworx - Mnemosyne [Delsin Records]
  19. Roy Davis Jr - Broken Machines [Clone Jack For Dazes]
  20. Johnny L - This Time (Carl Craig Mix 2) [XL Recordings]
  21. Logue - Keep Me From Pain [White Label]
  22. A² – Rebirth [Groovepressure] 
  23. Sansibar - Absence Of Being [Émotsiya]
  24. Family Unit - Freak (House Mix) [C.R.E.A.M. Records]
  25. Iridium - Ill America [Lowdown Records]
  26. Jean-Claude Petit - Stones Of Law [Fauves-Puma Productions]
  27. Moonstarr - Detriot [Sonar Kollektiv]
  28. John Kongos - I'm Dreaming (Any Moment I May Wake Up Screaming) [Milestone Records]