fabric presents Danilo Plessow (ME) s And Mix

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Eleven of the tracks from Danilo Plessow's mix for fabric have been cut by award-winning sound engineer Matt Colton onto 2 x LP.

These are the WAVS of those eleven full length cuts as well as a track of the continuous mix. 


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  1. L.B. Dub Corp - I have a Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah [Ostgut Ton]
  2. 1995 epilepsy - get 2 kno [World Music]
  3. Blawan - Fourth Dimensional [Ternesc]
  4. Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint [YOUTH]
  5. Overmono - If U Ever [XL Recordings]
  6. LCY - shhh [SZNS7N]
  7. Orca - Intellect [Lucky Spin]
  8. DJ Misjah - Victim [Midtown Records]