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fabric presents Helena Hauff

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Born & raised in Hamburg, Helena Hauff bridged both Fine Art & Music Science. Her DJ & production skills showcase this combo, crafted from her residency at the esteemed Golden Pudel Club. Helena's style is defining & unmistakable-powerful, gritty, yet danceable. This is heard in her 'fabric presents' mix, kicking off with her new single 'Turn Your Sights Inward'. 77 mins of banging electro, breakbeat & techno, full of energizing percussion & acidic synths. This balanced mix of known & new tracks culminates with Nite Fleit's 'Naïve' from Helena's Return To Disorder label & D-Breeze's 'Crazy For Love' remixed by Autechre, now released digitally for the first time from the MASK 500 compilation.

* Digital / CD / 2XLP) out on 22nd September

 **Customers get free digital downloads of their CD and vinyl products on the date of purchase.

-> CD plays as a continuous mix.

-> Digital downloads constitute of 19 mixed tracks that when played in sequence form the continuous mix of fabric presents Helena Hauff.

-> For individual tracks drop by our Bandcamp page.

-> Vinyl features nine exclusive full length tracks across two double plates, a poster insert, and download card. 

Mix Tracklist:

1. Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward 
2. dynArec - Sunken Park 
3. Clarence G - Data Transfer 
4. Slam & Optic Nerve - Machine Conflict 
5. The Exaltics ft. Paris The Black Fu - 10 0seco ndstil lmidn ight (Lorenz.Orx RMX) 
7. Turk Turkelton - Rock It 
8. Yarn Init - Tripcon II 
9. Signaltype - In Abyss 
10. Illektrolab - Overdrive 
11. Ement - Despite Of Time 
12. Raavel - Wakalaka 
13. IMOGEN - Granular Tears 
14. Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere 
15. FJAAK & Tobi Neumann - F-Zero 
16. Nite Fleit - Naïve 
17. Magda Rot - Alter Simus 
18. MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU's Apocalypse Mix)
19. D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix)

Double Vinyl Tracklist:

A1 D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix) [D-Breeze]
A2 MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU’s Apocalypse Mix) [Fundamental Bass         Intelligence]
B1 Magda Rot - Alter Simus [fabric Records]
B2 Signaltype - In Abyss [Cultivated Electronics]
C1 Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere [Rotters Golf Club]
C2 Illektrolab – Overdrive [Satamile Records]
D1 Ement - Despite of time [PZ Records]
D2 dynArec - Sunken Park [Vaporwave]
D3 Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward [fabric Records]