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fabric presents Mind Against

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Mind Against’s gift is for creating emotion through the synths and percussive instruments in their studio where their slick, moving take on techno makes for a special kind of peak across festivals and club dancefloors. Their mix for fabric draws on the psychedelic hooks of 1980s soundtracks and modern dance music’s emphasis on sound design to create a distinctive and immensely powerful compilation. Eleven exclusive tracks grace the eighteen track comp – tunes all matched by the melodic genre and written and produced by friends of the Fognini brothers. The final track is 'Freedom’ - a transcendent collaborative effort between Mind Against and young electronic innovator Dyzen.

We’ve been listening to fabric compilations since the early days of our adventure in this world. For us it represents an important milestone as artists in our career, being the reason why we decided to put together a mix that tries to transcend from genres and music tendencies.

The idea and the build up is similar to the angle we take when we embark in our all night long journeys, we always try to tell a story, with a beginning, a development and an ending.


* Out on 23rd September 2022. Preorders start shipping the week before release.

 **Customers get free digital downloads of their CD and vinyl products on the date of purchase.

CD plays as a continuous mix. Digital downloads constitute of 18 mixed track MP3s that when played in sequence form the continuous mix of 'fabric presents Mind Against'. For individual tracks and single track mix stop by our Bandcamp page.

Vinyl features twelve full length exclusive tracks across two double plates, including Mind Against's collaboration with Dyzen on the track 'Freedom'. 


Mix Tracklist:
1. Aurora Halal - Just Tell Me [Mutual Dreaming Recordings]
2. Jonathan Kaspar - Bigna [Ouie]
3. Shiffer - Fatalist [Shiffer]
4. Fluxion - You Don’t Know Me (Joey Anderson Remix) [Echocord Records]
5. ENØS - With You [ENØS]
6. Frankey & Sandrino - Hollow [Sum Over Histories]
7. J. Wiltshire - Luv44 [MUSAR Recordings]
8. Red Axes - Connector [Red Axes]
9. Nandu - Viciously Searching for Another Dimension [Nandu]
10. Roman Flügel - D.I.S.C.O. [Running Back]
11. Echonomist - Mango [Echonomist]
12. Marino Canal - Universa [Marino Canal]
13. Toto Chiavetta - Prodotto Astratto (Dub) [Toto Chiavetta]
14. Yotam Avni - Take One [Yotam Avni]
15. Aera - Ketosis [Aera]
16. Butch - Lale [Innervisions]
17. Sam Shure - Particles [Sam Shure]
18. Mind Against & Dyzen - Freedom (Club Mix) [fabric Records] 

Double Vinyl Tracklist:
A1 Mind against & Dyzen - Freedom*
A2 Marino Canal - Universa*
A3 Red Axes - Connector*
B1 Echonomist - Mango*
B2 Aera - Ketosis*
B3 Sam Shure - Particles*
C1 Toto Chiavetta - Prodotto Astratto (Dub)*
C2 Nandu - Viciously Searching For Another Dimension*
C3 Shiffer - Fatalist*
D1 Yotam Avni - Take One*
D2 Frankey & Sandrino - Hollow*
D3 ENØS - With You*

* Exclusives