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fabric presents Saoirse

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Saoirse’s fabric presents is a shapeshifting compilation that elevates the experience of her amorphous, renowned DJ sets. She defies time, space, and genre: where deep house morphs into moody techno, trippy grooves effortlessly transition into pumping bass, and unearthed gems are seamlessly stitched with brand new, exclusive tracks from long-time collaborator Shanti Celeste and Galdors imprint founder Junes. An additional track from Robert Livesu & Joe Montana titled “Chemical Voodoo” also appears exclusively on the LP. Saoirse delivers a cohesive and cosmic 70 minutes that envelops listeners into her community, and a looping, trance-like journey to explore all corners of the electronic realm through her own passions and voracious music discovery. 

This fabric presents mix sees Saoirse come full circle – it was an epiphanic moment on the fabric dancefloor that encouraged her to relocate from Dublin to London, and pursue the dream.

It's hard to articulate what doing a fabric presents means to me, a club and mix series I feel truly indebted to. I think about myself as a DJ now and how I've pulled together a sound from the feelings and textures of those little tin cases, the techy swing of Craig's fabric 01, the mind altering drums of Shackleton’s fabric 55 or the risk taking of Villalobos' all own productions of fabric 36. To find myself sitting among my biggest heroes – words can't explain how good it feels, but it feels f*cking good.

* Digital out on 14th July

* Physical (CD, 2XLP) out on 8th September

 **Customers get free digital downloads of their CD and vinyl products on the date of purchase.

CD plays as a continuous mix. Digital downloads constitute of 19 mixed track MP3s that when played in sequence form the continuous mix of fabric presents Saoirse. For individual tracks and single track mix stop by our Bandcamp page.

Vinyl features exclusive full length tracks across two double plates, including three exclusives - Saoirse's 'RM 1', Shanti Celeste's 'Fluffy' and 'Pilot' by Junes.

Mix Tracklist:

1. Duckett - Flex
2. Geeneus - Yellowtail
3. Luca Lozano - Identify
4. DJ NORMAL 4 - Transcendental Training Tactics
5. Nitz - Mi-au
6. Caim - Illusion
7. Jacek Sienkiewicz - The Evidence
8. 616 - 369
9. Junes - Pilot
10. Reba - Azimuth Circle
11. Kompo - Function
12. Javier Carballo - Beat Investigator
13. Kosh - Square One
14. Sin limites - Sin Limites
15. Hamatsuki - Shrink
16. Mammo - Summit
17. Caunos - Herzsprung 1
18. Shanti - Fluffy
19. Saoirse - RM1

Double Vinyl Tracklist:

A1 Saoirse - RM 1 [fabric Records]
A2 Hamatsuki - Shrink [Fantastic Planet]
B1 Junes - Pilot [fabric Records]
B2 Mammo - Summit [Nduja]
C1 616 – 369 [616 Lab]
C2 Shanti Celeste - Fluffy [fabric Records]
D1 Sin Limites - Sin Limites [Delicate Records]
D2 Robert Livesu & Joe Montana - Chemical Voodoo [Made In Hongkong]