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fabric SELECTS I

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A new 12 track compilation placing some of the greatest emerging names amongst some of the world’s most established underground producers and selectors together on one compilation.

To launch the compilation we are debuting ‘Outer Space’ - a brand new track from Italian producer Adiel.

Just under five minutes of bubbling, analog-infused techno, ‘Outer Space’ is just as beguiling and wondrous as its name suggests. A steady build of uplifting arpeggios and spacious pads, ‘Outer Space’ brings a wide-eyed sense of joy to the techno space; a transcendent work of sustain and release electronic music that inspires euphoria both communally on the dancefloor or alone within headphones.

fabric Selects features names such as Bambounou, Air Max ‘97, DJ Mell G, Manni Dee and more completing a cross section of the contemporary sound of dance music with each producer marking their own stamp on the compilation.

This is not only a celebration of our first year as an imprint, but a celebration of the genre-defining talents that can be found at our club and across the globe, proving beyond all doubt that electronic music in all guises is thriving more than ever before.

fabric Originals - fabric SELECTS I

• Verraco - casi siempre hay mañana
• Bambounou - In Depth Beauty Routine
• Adiel - Outer Space
• Elli Acula - Pleasure
• Quelza - Protein Chords
• Tommy Four Seven - Disrupt
• Manni Dee - Heartbreaker
• Air Max '97 - Testrip
• DJ MELL G - Nothing But Filth
• Deena Abdelwahed - Dirisha
• Marcel Fengler - Katana
• VRIL - Moon Tax