Deadly Avenger - FABRICLIVE 04

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Despite losing the ability to taste and smell through a childhood accident, Damon Baxter employs the senses of touch, sight and sound to their fullest. As DJ, label-boss and producer, he has forged an original identity amidst a scene of soundalikes, weaving together an appreciation of the past and understanding of the present. Regularly appearing in any of fabric's 3 rooms, his fearlessly throwndown sets are notable for hip hop skills and hard-hitting beats. Since his early releases on Electron Industries as Sem, Deadly has released records through DC Recordings, Wall of Sound and his own label, Illicit. He has remixed Manic Street Preachers, Travis and Money Mark. His debut artist album benefited from the production of FABRICLIVE cohort Howie B.

"I play chopped up hip hop and party tunes. Within one record there's actually three - there's nothing repetitive in the records I play, it's bang, bang, bang constantly. No fillers! This sounds exactly like me when I'm drunk and firin'... except for the fact that there's some proper, wicked mixing on this." Deadly Avenger

Throwing hooks like a heavyweight, FABRICLIVE 04 is a cut and paste, quick mix selection that captures Deadly Avenger's boundary-free mixing method. Beginning with the cinematic 'We Took Pelham', and his own re-placing of Bill Conti's 'Rocky' score into Joseph Sargent's 1974 statement of NYC-attitude, 'The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three', it moves through hip hop, breaks, roots and soul - seamlessly scratched, hacked and cut into an energetic, sonic onslaught. Testing the sample spotters and defying the bootleggers, Deadly's mindset is summed-up in squeezing The Nextmen and Dynamo Productions between the Jackson Sisters and James Brown.


  1. Deadly Avenger We Took Pelham Illicit Recordings
  2. DJ LBR Megadeath AV8 Records
  3. Deadly Avenger Live At The Capri (Supermix) Illicit Recordings
  4. Crooklyn Clan Franklinz 2000 AV8 Records
  5. Frank Delour Put 'Em Up AV8 Records
  6. LL Cool J The G.O.A.T. Universal Music
  7. DJ LBR Make Some Noise AV8 Records
  8. DJ LBR Let Me Clear My Funk AV8 Records
  9. Jimmy Bo Horne Dance across the floor Sunshine Sound Records
  10. Ceasefire vs. Deadly Avenger Caipirinha Wall Of Sound
  11. Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles Universal Music
  12. Dynamo Productions Hit The Floor Illicit Recordings
  13. The Nextmen Midnight Method Illicit Recordings
  14. Maceo And The Macks Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) Universal Music
  15. DJ Ace Crowd Motivator AV8 Records
  16. Crooklyn Clan Let's Get Ill AV8 Records
  17. DJ Ace Crowd Motivator (Old Skool Dub) AV8 Records
  18. The Jackson 5 I Want You Back Motown
  19. DJ AP Let Me Know AV8 Records
  20. Petricone Petricone's Handz Across The Water AV8 Records