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Born in Glasgow during the 1960s, Howard Bernstein grew up in an unenviable position; a Jewish child within the west of Scotland's sectarian divide. Rejecting all forms of bigotry and division he found solace in music. Invigorated by John Peel's scattershot broadcasts, he began collecting 70s vinyl from the likes of John McLaughlin, Santana and Gong. After moving to London he gained production skills with a 3 year stint at Lilley Yard in Fulham, manning the controls for Swing Out Sister and the Banshees. By the mid 80s he was part of Soul II Soul's 'weekend posse' and reinforced the connection with Nellee Hooper and Jazzy B with contributions to the first Soul II Soul album. During the 90s he worked with Massive Attack and a pre-jungle Goldie, began releasing 'Howie B Inc' 12s on James Lavelle's Mo' Wax label and helped to programme Tricky's Island-deal securing demo's. 1993 saw the launch of his own imprint, Pussyfoot, and two years later he collaborated on and co-produced U2s 'Pop' album. He was invited to produce the live sound for its accompanying world tour, and the project went far beyond previous attempts in merging rock spectacle and electronic ingenuity. Howie's solo studio album, Folk, was released September 2001.

"It's a typical set of what I would play down at FABRICLIVE. It's got humour, grooves, mad sounds and good songs. And there's some stuff in there that I know people don't have." Howie B

This showcases the adventure and spirit of Howie B's non-compromising DJ sets. Merging breakbeat, electro, house, techno and reggae, he uses cross cuts, blends and quick trick-mixes to construct a sub-bass soaked, heavy-hitting mix. There's the freeform beats of his own Skelf project, Exile's wired rhythm, excerpts of confrontational artist Lydia Lunch and Medicine's stutterfunk re-think of I Monster's 'Daydream In Blue'. Elsewhere, his two-note trip through Garbage's 'Cherry Lips' meets Bombing F's wildpitch grooves; Lemonescent's tribal breaks crash into DJ Llopis Chi-town inspired bass; and the mainline electro hit of San Fran's Jackyll and Hyde splits Big Hair/Earl Gateshead's gloriously O.T.T. 'Hindoo's and Hairdoo's' and Prince Far I's sweet roots vibe.


1. Skelf – Fish
2. Exile – Neuroscan
3. Dope Smugglaz – The Word (PMT Remix)
4. Lydia Lunch – The Human Animal
5. I Monster – Daydream In Blue (Medicine Remix)
6. Blame – Music Takes You (B.L.I.M. Remix)
7. Garbage – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) (Howie B Remix)
8. Bombing F – Donuts & Coffee
9. Lemonescent – Beautiful (Terminalhead Remix) 5:17
10. Meat Katie – Future Abuse
11. DJ Llopis – Clone The Clowns
12. Big Hair And Earl Gateshead – Hindoo's And Hairdoo's (Freq Mix)
13. Jackyl & Hyde – Beyond
14. Prince Far I – Foundation Stepper