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Lee Rous and Andy Gardner were introduced to one another by mutual friend and full-time Freestyler, Matt Cantor. Inspired by a dodgy, top-shelf mag they named their venture and in 1998 released their debut EP 'Y2K: Chunky Plumps'. Less than five years later they have amassed an astounding underground following and met the mainstream through remixes and advertising projects. The Plump DJs have built a reputation for electrifying DJ sets, playing intimate spaces and large venues worldwide. At the forefront of the breakbeat scene they have been tipped to transcend their dancefloor roots. Ahead of their debut full-length album in June, The Plumps create the eighth release in the FABRICLIVE series, blending their skills as DJs and Producers. Staying true to a scene that relies upon self-made tracks and remix swaps, all cuts are treated, edited, stripped and rebuilt.

"We used two turntables, two Akia 6000s and even Pro Tools' 'Edit Suite' towards the end. The whole of Laborotois Plump basically! We made two tunes from scratch especially for the compilation whilst we were putting it together and we've done DJ versions of the various tunes we used as we went along." Plump DJs

Prepare for a sharp, serious sonic assault. Hexidecimal uses heavy bass and freaked guitar on Sound Alliance's 'Leave Home', One Upfront grind a Ghostbustin' groove, Nation 12 lock old-skool licks and Abstract build from jungle vibes. Move Ya throw lazer zaps and drop bass, Evil 9 get dark, Lee Coombes joins Meat Katie for a techtro trip and Phil Kieran gives the pulsing 'Alarm Bells'. Soul of Man's aquatic funk nudges the 4/4 thump of Punx, Chad Jackson recalls Streetsounds with 'Energize', Mr. Velcro Fastener find King Size electro frequencies and the heavy house of Screen Two meets the tough, textured C83. The Plumps contribute four full tracks, including the acid-line-led 'Angelfish', co-produced with fellow FABRICLIVE resident Ali B.


1 Plump DJs – Intro – Fab1
2 Sound Alliance – From Home (Hexidecimal Mix)
3 One Upfront – Nova
4 Nation 12 – Listen To The Drummer
5 DJ Abstract – Beyond This World (Dub Mix)
6 Plump DJs – Squeaks And Bleeps
7 Move-Ya! – Dope Freak
8 Plan B vs. Plump DJs – Angelfish
9 Plump DJs – Contact 00
10 Evil 9 – Cakehole
11 Lee Coombs & Meat Katie – 2 Men On A Trip (Lee's Tripped Out Mix)
12 Plastic Pervert – Alarm Bells
13 Soul Of Man – The Drum
14 Punx – The Rock
15 Chad Jackson – Energise (Casino Kid Remix)
16 Mr Velcro Fastener – Electric Appliances (Plump DJs Vocal Remix)
17 Screen 2 – Hey Mr DJ (Stab Mix)
18 C83 – Back In The Day
19 Plump DJs – Punch Drunk
20 Donna Summer – I Feel Love