Jacques Lu Cont - FABRICLIVE 09

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Jacques Lu Cont has been flirting with the music industry for seven years. Once flame-haired and distracting, ever wide-eyed and interesting, he has spent that time creating records and confronting rumours. As Les Rythmes Digitales he preceded the 80s revival, feeding his pop lust into micro-machines. Propped by Mark Jones and the Wall Of Sound stable his sound has developed on every project, becoming an irony-free celebration of the catchy and populist. As well his two full-length albums for WOS he has formed the rock-leaning band Zoot Woman, remixed for and collaborated with a number of artists and musically directed Madonna's Drowned tour.

"I don't think DJing is that cool. I don't like the image of the silver boxes and the hooded jacket and crappy sunglasses. It's only worth doing if you are trying to do something different which is what I've tried to achieve in my FABRICLIVE mix. I don't like the supposed glamour in DJing and I even hate the name! I'm a DJ? Don't think so... When it makes sense for me is at a party. The FABRICLIVE nights have been inspirational. Without sounding too sycophantic, because globally I've had a lot of great DJ experiences, Fabric presents you with an amazing system on which to present your music. That's where it steps up to the next level, it's like you're playing at home and when you're that comfortable you get more creative, more inventive and more inspired." Jacques Lu Cont

'FABRICLIVE 09' is personal and playful, electric and energetic. Including tracks from the roots of rock, the days of disco, the source of house and the edges of electro, Jacques constantly re-loops and re-edits cuts into a bassline-led, vocal-happy, 70 minute bump-a-long. Alongside studio wizardry and mixing mastery is the Lu Cont sense of fun and party-sprit: check Strauss meeting the Eurythmics for evidence. Currently between artist albums, 'FABRICLIVE 09' screams the co-ordinates of the former wunderkind's future direction: this is new Jacques' CD.


  1. Mirwais ft Craig Wedren Miss You (Thin White Duke Mix) Echo
  2. Risan Eastern Palace CRE Music
  3. Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood Universal
  4. Chicken Lips Steppin Kingsize
  5. Steve Miller Band Abracadabra Eagle Rock
  6. Crazy Penis Give It Up (Laid Vocal Mix) Paperecordings
  7. Hypnolove Eurolove Confusion Records
  8. Themroc Gold Is Your Metal (Paper Faces Remix) Wall Of Sound
  9. Supreme Bachelors S&M Tom Symmons
  10. Royksopp Remind Me (Ernest St Laurent Moonfish Mix) Wall Of Sound
  11. Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra Public Domain
  12. Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) BMG
  13. Zoot Woman It's Automatic (Paper Faces Remix) Wall Of Sound
  14. Gus Gus David (Medicine 8 Mix) Underwater
  15. The Housemaster Boyz House Nation Saber/Trax
  16. Devo Snowball Virgin
  17. Junior Sanchez I Wanna Rock ! Cube
  18. The Pixies Gouge Away XL
  19. Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets Virgin