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Fabio began DJing during the mid-eighties spinning funk, soul and acid house at after hours clubs and on pirate radio stations. His broadcasting career began on Brixton-based Phaze 1 where he met Grooverider - a like-minded DJ playing fresh, underground sounds. Together they honed their skills and embraced new music, eventually cementing their association with the seminal drum 'n' bass night, Rage. In the early 90s, Fabio left Phaze for the newly-legal Kiss FM and in 1998 moved on to Radio 1, where Fabio and Grooverider's '1 In The Jungle' show gives the drum 'n' bass scene an international platform. Ever prepared to represent acts at the margins, Fabio seeks out new converts for an already vibrant scene. He's a regular at Progression Sessions and his own night, Speed, created in '94 and now known as Swerve. Through his Creative Source imprint Fabio has consistently championed unknown talent including Primary Motive (aka. Danny C) and Calibre

"I tried to combine liquid funk with a raw edge and feature some of the nu-skool; Calibre, Hi Contrast and Twisted Individual, that are making the scene so exciting." Fabio

This is a trip through the drum n bass scene of 2003; multi-faced and party-based. Tough, twisted, and innovative, Fabio rages through the straight up nu-skool of Calibre, Total Science and Social Security, takes in a masterclass from Special Forces and revels in J Majik's warm textures. Special Forces returns to drum 'n' bass with the brooding, Robert Owens-fronted 'Miracle', while Social Security offer the classic intensity of 'Take Away'. Dancefloor favourite '3 A.M.' crashes Bebel Gilberto's 'So Nice' adding summer spirit by showcasing Marky & XRS's Brazilian drum n bass flavas. 'FABRICLIVE 10' hears a major drum 'n' bass talent in room-rocking mood.

1. Calibre - Venus & Mars [Creative Source]
2. J Majik feat. Kathy Brown - Share The Blame [Infrared]
3. Total Science - Squash [CIA Records]
4. Calibre - ReJack [Creative Source]
5. J Majik feat. Kathy Brown - Tell Me (Twisted Individual remix) [Infrared]
6. Special Forces (Photek) - Miracle [Photek Productions]
7. Social Security - Take Away [Creative Source]
8. Marcus Intalex, ST Files & High Contrast - 3 A.M. [SOUL:R]
9. Danny C - The Mexican (Instrumental) [Dread]
10. Bebel Gilberto - So Nice [Summer Samba](DJ Marky & XRS mix) [WEA]
11. Influx Datum - Dayz Of Glory [Formation]
12. Funk 'N' Flex - Flow With Me [Defunked]
13. High Contrast - Savoir Faire [Hospital/Tongue & Grrove]
14. A Sides feat. Singing Fats & Regina - What U Don't Know [Eastside]
15. Danny C - Ace Face [Creative Source]