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While his mates were torturing Action Man or pestering their parents to visit the Science Museum, J Majik was finding better ways to occupy his time. Seduced by acid house at the age of 12, he hunted down white label imports to hammer on the family stereo. At 14 he bought his first music equipment and aged just 15 released his first track, '6 Million Ways To Die'. Before long he was under the wing of more experienced producers: Dillinja engineered his fresh work and Goldie signed his tracks to Metalheadz. Now he runs the highly regarded Infared label, DJs across the globe and is working on artist albums.

"The tracks on the mix are really upfront, just what you'd find in my box going to FABRICLIVE. It's musical but with a real energy as I move between styles." J Majik

FABRICLIVE. 13 is a tightly mixed trip through Jamie's box of tricks. Classic tracks are reworked and layered with fresh cuts from across the drum n bass spectrum. Highlights include MC Tali's 'High Hopes' re-configured over Infared's musical 'Me Lever' and Generation Dub's 'Deliverance' meeting with Pascal's timeless 'P-Funk 04'. There's Infared's warm vibes on 'Capoiera', J's own snarling 'Pitbull', club favourite 'Back To Love', Baron's mind-bending remix of 'Nosher' and Peshay's Latin inspired 'Jammin'".


  1. Infared Me Lever Infared
  2. Tali High Hopes Full Cycle
  3. DJ Hazard Enuff Iz Enuff Ganja
  4. J Majik, Future Bound & Wickerman Pitbull Infared
  5. Generation Dub Deliverence Formation
  6. Pascal P Funk 04 (Movin Fusion mix) True Playaz
  7. Total Science & Baron Monkey See, Monkey Do Baron Inc
  8. M.I.S.T. Vs DJ Marky & XRS Back To Love Soul:R
  9. Infared Vs Gil Felix Capoeira Infared
  10. DJ Hype Original Foundation Ganja
  11. Wickerman Hustler Infared
  12. Hold Tight 9 2 5 Industry
  13. Total Science Nosher (Baron remix) CIA
  14. Peshay feat. Studio 12 Jammin' Cubik
  15. DJ Clipz Cuban Links (Fresh mix) Emcee
  16. Swift Play Me Charge
  17. Dillinja Fast Car Valve
  18. John B Pressure (remix) Valve
  19. DJ Fresh Temple Of Doom Breakbeat Kaos
  20. J Majik & Wickerman Fleshwound Infared
  21. Photek We Got Heat (Ram Trilogy mix) 51st State/ Photek
  22. Badmarsh & Shri Signs (Calibre remix) Outcaste
  23. Black Widow No Trace Black Widow
  24. Twisted Individual Bandwagon Blues Formation
  25. J Majik & Wickerman ft. Kathy Brown Feel The Music Infared