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In hip hop, the DJ was, is and always will be King. Spinbad is no pretender to the throne of Herc, Flash, Flex or the rest. A fixture in New York's airwave battle (Hot 97 v Power 105.1) he plays to millions at drivetime every day. He's a regular on the fashion circuit, has supported Moby and Dido on huge tours and is equally likely to pop up on O'Brien, Leno and Letterman as get down in a heaving nightclub. His infamous '80s mixtape, Rock The Casbah, is now certified as the most-bootlegged release of all time by download/file-sharing services and this is his first-ever official mix album.

"I like to incorporate turntablism and party rocking together. A lot of people play clubs and don't really do anything with the records; I try to keep everything danceable but at the same time incorporate the real DJ skills. The mix has a party feel, a lot of up-tempo club joints that I'm adding my own flavour to." DJ Spinbad

This is a hip hop mix in the classic style: blasting with energy, packed-full of hooks, bursting with bass, smooth, fast and fun. You may have some of these grooves but there's no mistaking the moves. It's sunshine funk that you can't stop smiling at and nodding your head to, outrageously pieced together as only New York's hottest scratch DJ could.