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The Freestylers - FABRICLIVE 19

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Originally coming to prominence on the crest of the Big Beat wave, The Freestylers typify the breakbeat scene's ethos; they don't want a manufactured profile in glossy magazines, and are much happier being left to produce music, DJ, tour the world, and visit the pub with their mates. No star behaviour is permitted. Despite this, they are truly dance music glitterati. They were the first electronic act to play fully live on Top Of The Pops, they've partied in LA with Anastasia and her family, supported Lenny Kravitz on his American tour (he asked them himself as he was so impressed with their act), rocked a crowd of 30,000 at Glastonbury, performed at MTV's Times Square Millenium party, and sold in excess of 350,000 albums. Modest and amiable, Matt and Aston are unconcerned with what's cool and credible, sleek or sellable. They have no hang-ups about being 'underground' or 'mainstream', or anything else. Their all-inclusive attitude and appeal comes from resisting trends and fashion, in favour of doing their own thing. They are two mates who both thank their lucky stars every day that they don't have to work in an office.

"This is a breakbeat mix but with a young urban feel. The MC gives it a live flavour and we've taken the chance to showcase some of the hot new producers rising in the scene." The Freestylers

The Freestylers mix up the best of current British urban breakbeat. It features some of the scene's youngest and freshest talents, all regularly championed by the duo in their DJ sets; artists like Napt, The Breakfasters, and Baobinga. Kicking off with the Deekline and Wizard remix of The Freestylers' own 'Boomblast', the pace is set for a white-knuckle ride through their box, maintaining its enthusiasm and energy to the very last break. Highlights include 'Killer' and 'Put Your Hands Up' recorded under their SCAM guise, Merca's 'Holding On', Jammin's MC led 'Broken Point' and the Future Assasin's 'Forever'.


1. The Freestylers - Boomblast (Deekline & Wizard Remix) [Against The Grain]
2. DJ Mutiny & Shopliftas - Daily Operation [Rat Records]
3. The Breakfastaz - Midnight [All Ears Music]
4. SCAM - Killer [Deepcut]
5. Paradox 3000 - Let There Be Light [Punk Funk]
6. Baobinga - The Bashment Track [Cyberfunk]
7. Merka - Holding On [Re:connect]
8. NAPT - Line Like This (Ft Sharkey P) [Rat Records]
9. Jammin' - Broken Point [Bingo Beats]
10. SCAM Vs The Freestylers - Put Up Your Hands [Deepcut]
11. The Freestylers - Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz Remix) [Against The Grain]
12. NAPT - Soul Surviving [Plastic Raygun]
13. The Breakfastaz - Kick It [Mob Records]
14. Enzyme - Bandwagon 92s [2 Fresh Records]
15. Phuture Assassins - Forever [Warehouse Wax]
16. The Breakfastaz - Spit It Out [Cyberfunk]
17. Teebone Ft. MC Kie And MC Sparks - Fly Bi [Solid City Records]
18. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix) [Edel Records]
19. Journeyman Vs Barrcode - Time To Unite [Born Idle Records]
20. SCAM Vs The Freestylers - Acid Love [Deepcut]
21. Ed 209 - Infectious [Wireframe Records]
22. Drumattic Twins - Rock Steady [Finger Lickin']
23. NAPT Ft. Julie Morrison - Take Me Away 2004 (Exclusive VIP Mix) [Napt]