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Meat Katie - FABRICLIVE 21

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Meat Katie, aka Mark Pember, is a ceaseless devotee of 'music for music's sake'. He started out as a bass player in a number of skate-punk bands, signing to Iggy Pop's Kill City Records at seventeen. His first electronic project was Ceasefire on Wall Of Sound before going on to release his first album - a garage jazz lo-fi work featuring a variety of vocalists including Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and alternative country star Greg Garing - as Avenue A on R&S. He began his solo Meat Katie project in 1996, releasing two albums on Kingsize, collaborating with Dylan Rhymes, Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM, Arthur Baker, Christian J, Elite Force, and Lee Coombs, and producing a ream of exciting remixes. He ran his own Whole 9 Yards label for the past decade and there's an active release schedule planned for his new label, Lot 49, where he aims to continue breaking new British talent. Currently back in the studio to finish off his third Meat Katie album alongside Elite Force, Mark will be touring all over the world later in the year.

"The crowd at Fabric have accepted me musically, I've connected with them and I'm comfortable here, which is probably what every DJ wants. There aren't many clubs in the world of this size where you can keep it underground, where you can just grind it, and the crowd can appreciate the DJs for what they do. They don't turn up expecting build-ups and fire-works, each DJ is allowed to give their bit and that's what's so great about the club. I just love to mash up styles and genres. I've never been one to play it safe." Meat Katie

Meat Katie provides a full throttle eclectic late night dancefloor mash up. Lee Coombs vocal led 'Banned Practice' sets the pace as Mark weaves through the throbbing beats of Albino Allstars, bristling atmospheres with Abe Duque's reworking of Tim Wright and attention grabbing vocals from UNKLE over Infusion's enthralling 'Better World'. Real ear-openers include Jem Stone & JC's 'Disco Daze', M.K.s own grinding remix of 'Salty', Lee Coombs' energetic mix of Virtualmismo, Vandal's unreleased 'Mad as Hell' on Lot 49, and future breakbeat heroes Atomic Hooligan's evocative 'Shine a Light' keeps the listener gripped to the very last note.

1. Lee Coombs & David Phillips - Banned Practice [Thrust Recordings]
2. Albino Allstars - Can You Hear Me [Tagsta]
3. Ithaka - So Get Up (Acapella) [Kaos Records Portugal] / Figures featuring Ithaka - Phat Prick [Kingsize Records]
4. Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Lee Coombs Back To The Phuture Mix) [Expanded Music]
5. Tim Wright - Oxygen (Abe Duque Remix) [Mute]
6. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Nu-Tron [Kingsize Records]
7. Unkle Ft. Ian Brown - Reign (Acapella) [Global Underground] / Infusion - Better World (Infusion Remix) [BMG]
8. Jem Stone & J.C. - Disco Daze [Finger Lickin' Records]
9. Elite Force - Shadow Box [Kingsize Records]
10. Metric - Stale [Lot 49]
11. Force Mass Motion - Out Of it [Lot 49]
12. Vigi & Nectarios - 2 C Beat (EK Remix) [Streetwise Records]
13. Dylan Rhymes - Salty (Meat Katie Remix) [Kingsize Records]
14. Koma & Bones - Get Down [Lot 49]
15. Vandal - Mad As Hell [Lot 49]
16. Circuit Breaker - Gateway [Lot 49]
17. Atomic Hooligan Ft. Sweet Hustler - Shine A Light (Introspective Remix) [Botchit & Scarper]