Death In Vegas - FABRICLIVE 23

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Richard Fearless was born in Africa, to an engineer and an artist. He began collecting music at eight or nine; at first he loved film soundtracks and 60s stuff, then his older cousin gave him some Stooges and Velvet Underground. By his early teens - and having won a scholarship to nurture his own artistic talent - he'd discovered Chicago house and techno via ex-NME staffer Barbara Ellen, his sister's flatmate, and unearthed a whole new set of possibilities. At eighteen he started working in record shops and put on his own night, Job Club. He invited his favourite DJs to play - Derrick May, Andrew Weatherall, Dave Angel, The Chemical Brothers and more. There were no Technics; records were taken on and off the decks on an upright home system. The legendary Heavenly Social followed, though between times he made his first record, Opium Shuffle, and signed to a major. 1997's Dead Elvis LP and it's follow-up, 2002's Scorpio Rising (featuring collaborations with Iggy Pop, Dot Allison, Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher and more) established Death in Vegas as a true dance/rock crossover act.

"The tracks that I've put on the album from Death in Vegas are some of the core electronic songs that we started with. I've taken a more deep and acid route with the mix." Death In Vegas

This atmospheric dancefloor mix is the first Death in Vegas project since the aborted Don't Believe the Truth sessions with Oasis ("We didn't have the songs at the time but there was some good stuff that would be great for a box set or something down the line" - Noel Gallagher). It blends the coolest, cutting edge minimal artists with classic Detroit techno and some heavy Death in Vegas productions, most of which are exclusive edits. 'FABRICLIVE 23' captures the Death in Vegas attitude to DJing and production, ridiculing both the 'avin' it large' and 'breakin' the boundaries' clichés that split anything to do with electronica. Using quick mixes to build his moods and grooves, Richard Fearless delivers an effortless, elegant 4/4 selection.


  1. Solvent Science With Synthesisers Ghostly International
  2. Death In Vegas Zugaga Drone
  3. Slacknoise Vs Plexus Ana Tak 2 Minus Inc.
  4. Death In Vegas Heil Xanax Drone
  5. Alex Smoke Lost In Sound Soma Recordings
  6. Mossa Cheap Therapy Mo's Ferry Productions
  7. Cybotron Alleys Of Your Mind Tresor
  8. Solvent Think Like Us (Ectomorph Mix) Ghostly International
  9. Alex Corton Phlogiston PAL
  10. Dinky Acid In My Fridge Cocoon Recordings
  11. Mathew Jonson Marionette Wagon Repair
  12. Alex Smoke Neds Vakant
  13. Wighnomy Brothers Pele Bloss Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings
  14. Death In Vegas Reigen (Acid Mix) Drone
  15. Analog Fingerprints Accent Pigna Records
  16. Blue Ketchuppp Don't Trust Your Computer Bee Records
  17. Death In Vegas Natja (Scorpio Rising Mix) SonyBMG
  18. Mathew Jonson Typerope Itiswhatitis Recordings
  19. John Dahlback Jenna Morris Audio