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The Herbaliser - FABRICLIVE 26 CD

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Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba have worked together for over a decade. They heard about each other at college: Jake was getting a rep with various bands and Ollie was busy collecting records and trainers. Years passed before they started making tracks, but within months of doing so they had been signed to Ninja Tune, just as the hip hop/jazz breaks sound was about to explode. Since then, in a career of consistent creation, The Herbaliser have toured the world, become a headlining festival act, produced artist albums, contributed to film soundtracks (Guy Ritchie's Snatch), written theme tunes (ESPN's prime time Sunday Night Football) and worked with some of the most talented artists in the UK, Europe and America.

"We felt that the fabric CDs, after having listened to some of the others, are very much more like a dancefloor mix, the kind of set that you would do if you were playing in Fabric. This Fabric mix is very much something you could put on at a party and that's the nature of the fabric CD series. We didn't want to make a chill-out CD, this is a real party mix." The Herbaliser

'fabriclive 26' flies by in a hip hop heat haze. Ollie and Jake perform turntable gymnastics, throwing down bumping rhythms and energetic joints and mixing up the rare, the obscure, the loved and the lost. This is an irresistible, addictive and infectious mix, blending the past, present and future of body rocking, dancefloor sounds.