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Filthy Dukes - FABRICLIVE 48

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With their vibrant club night Kill Em All, the Filthy Dukes have made an individual and indelible impact on the nightlife landscape of London. True pioneers in their own right, Kill Em All first struck a chord at Camden's unassuming Barfly in 2001, after the pair recognised a thirst amongst a public raised on both guitars and electronic music. Bored of the dull notion that the two scenes should be kept separate, the Filthy Dukes (Olly Dixon and Tim Lawton) decided to unite dancefloor-geared DJs with hard-edged scuzzy rockers, and went on a quest for artists that embraced both disciplines.

"With the mix we tried to capture the energy of one of our DJ sets and reflect our night Kill Em All. When we book Kill Em All, we think about it like a DJ set, booking acts that reflect our taste in music and creating a night that builds. We start off with disco sounds, some live bands, move into house and techno and different sub-genres of both, getting a bit darker and heavier the later it gets. The mix reflects this and, like our DJ sets; it's also quite unpredictable with tracks by artists like Mr Oizo next to Jack Penate. We have always been passionate about new music and new bands but also fun, so this is a proper party mix - a true reflection of both Filthy Dukes & Kill Em All. A lot of the artists on the mix have performed at Kill Em All: Emperor Machine, Phenomenal Handclap Band, WhoMadeWho, Discodeine, Braxe & Menace, Aeroplane, Popof, Brodinski, Joakim, Zombie Nation, Proxy. So it feels like a representation of the ultimate Kill Em All night in one mix." Filthy Dukes

And it's back to what they know best on FABRICLIVE 48: uproarious, incendiary DJ sets that sizzle through a smorgasboard of genres, not so much traverse boundaries as obliterate them, coupling pulsating kick drums, with dreamy melodies and song-writing sensibilities with an ability to turn a dancefloor upside down. The mix ducks and dives through styles and sounds without a moment's respite - setting the pace from the off with their own gloriously synth-laden stomper "This Rhythm", they move through "Beat The Clock" by the legendary Sparks, Aeroplane's disgustingly brilliant Italo remix of Sebastian Tellier - straight out of the Gospel of Daft Punk, and even manage to drift in and out of Aphex Twin's classic "Windowlicker" before the close. This is care-free, it's joyous, it's the sound of two mates, who know their music inside out, throwing their favourite records around the room. Throw down your preconceptions and discard your notions of the sounds of a fabric main room, this is Filthy Dukes, and this is how they Kill Em All.


  1. Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm (Emperor Machine Remix) 
  2. Phenomenal Handclap Band - You'll Disappear 
  3. WhoMadeWho - The Plot (Discodeine Remix) 
  4. Hockey - Learn to Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix) 
  5. Sparks - Beat the Clock
  6. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Most Wanted
  7. Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane Mix) 
  8. 80kidz - Miss Mars 
  9. Filthy Dukes - Twenty Six Hundred (Album Version) 
  10. POPOF - Serenity (Noob remix) 
  11. Audio Soul Project - Reality Check (Vincenzo Remix) 
  12. Mujava - Township Funk 
  13. Dataworx - Control (Original Mix) 
  14. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club 
  15. Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious 
  16. Zombie Nation - Worth It, Part 1
  17. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker 
  18. Tiga - What You Need (Proxy Remix) 
  19. Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix) 
  20. Mr Oizo - Pourriture 7 
  21. Jack Peñate - Tonight's Today 
  22. Lifelike - Sequencer 
  23. Filthy Dukes - Messages (Filthy Dukes Kill Em All Remix)