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In the world of drum & bass, a scene all too often segregated by superficially constructed genre confines, Zero T stands as a figurehead for a new breed of producers tearing down these boundaries and building from the ground up, creating a more open musical plane. By setting his own parameters, Zero T not only explores the full spectrum of sounds within D&B, but expands beyond it with his forward-thinking, intricately textured and overtly musical sound. It comes as little wonder that Zero T's absorbed such a plethora of wide-spanning influences that diffuse through his own music, amalgamating to create something unique and, in a word, peerless. Music is something that has surrounded the talented artist from his earliest days: from growing up alongside his father's ever-expanding blue note jazz collection, to being tutored by his older brother's multi-instrumental musicianship, to his exposure to jungle through older friends, to an entirely fortuitous meeting with fellow Irish D&B artist Calibre.

"It seems that here in the UK, strict genres and the rigidity of DJing are both melting away. Now it's normal for me to switch tempos in a D&B set, and it's just as normal for Skream and Benga to play a D&B tune - which is healthy. Hopefully it's going to turn back into just UK bass music, with tempos being flexible. It really opens you up as a DJ when you can play a good tune at the right time, instead of being obsessed with double drops and stupid timings." Zero T

'FABRICLIVE 52: Zero T' seamlessly connects the dots between the different facets of his sound with aplomb, deftly moving through tempos and styles to create a beautifully crafted mix. Fusing a wide spectrum of styles with ease, Zero T simultaneously showcases the expansive and diverse possibilities at one's fingertips, while highlighting the common threads between them. At once free flowing and precise, the mix takes you on a journey through an intoxicating world of sound, veering from the ominous to the uplifting, the paranoid to the soulful. Expanding its appeal beyond the limitations of drum & bass, it effortlessly takes in dubstep, garage, house and hip hop along the way. Further ensuring its durability, it hosts a healthy smattering of exclusives throughout: Lemon D, Dillinja, Break, Calibre, and extremely special versions of tunes from Icicle and Paradox - never to be heard anywhere else.