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Goldie - FABRICLIVE 58

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Goldie created his debut album, the immaculate ‘Timeless’ on his Metalheadz imprint, in 1995. 16 years later, the sentiment rings true: it sounds remarkably more progressive and idiosyncratic than ever. ‘Timeless’ as a concept defines who Goldie is, in every sense of the word. Decades from now, his music, art, charismatic gold smile (remnants of his teenage days as an alchemist, selling gold teeth in New York) and larger-than-life aura will still intrigue and confound even the most jaded of historians.

There are many faces to the complex creative, far beyond his musical accomplishments as an iconic and ever-evolving producer, being largely responsible for Drum & Bass’ most stirring, experimental and symphonic work. Or as an uncompromising DJ that’s lit up bassbins in just about every city across the globe, for well over two decades. Or as bold leader of the iconic Metalheadz label, harnessing an international roster of groundbreaking artists.The endless list of his non-music titles are equally wideranging as they are surprising: historical graffiti artist (covering his estate with over 60 murals by the age of 17); acclaimed fine artist; author; orchestral conductor; part-time Hollywood actor; gossip column mainstay; ‘Eastenders’ character; reality TV and documentary star; father; yoga enthusiast (“This past year, I’ve done 87 classes in the UK - 20 in America and about 25 in Asia - so I’m up in the hundreds, baby.”). Perhaps his atypical background exemplifies the strength and infinite possibility of a person’s creative spirit.
"This music - this wildstyle music - is not for the faint-hearted. I tried to get the alchemy right, which I've done on this mix: each of these are standalone tunes. It is dynamic, it does take you from one extreme to the other, because for me that's what my life is like. It'll be bikram yoga one morning, then DJing long into the night. Everything is balanced, not too much of one thing. When I think of the D&B tunes on this mix, I think of them as spiritual euphoria, like I've been lifted out of something." Goldie

As Metalheadz strongly rides into its 18th year, the label and its leader keep the focus on progression and future-geared ideals, without ever succumbing to the incessant whirrs of today’s hype machine. As the various offshoots of bass music morph around them, MDZ continue to explore and expand the confines of drum & bass with their global army. ‘FABRICLIVE 58: Goldie’ is an embodiment of the Metalheadz mantra: forever finding ways to challenge formulas and take the D&B sound into an intelligent, deeply spiritual - and downright primal - sphere. A loud and proud snapshot of his Metalheadz stable, and the likeminded artists that stay at their level on equally progressive D&B labels, the mix features some of the most cutting edge and visionary music on the genre’s helm. ‘FABRICLIVE 58’ stands as proof that their stance within the music world is, quite simply, unmovable - not today nor in the world of tomorrow. Time stands no chance.

01 Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted [Metalheadz]
02 Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y. - Celestial Navigation [Soul:r]
03 Lenzman - Lasers [Metalheadz]
04 Need For Mirrors - Lofar [Metalheadz]
05 Enei - One Chance VIP [Critical]
06 Subwave & Enei - The Mines [Metalheadz]
07 S.I.N. & Mutated Forms - Right Now [Spearhead]
08 Fresh - The Gatekeeper [Ram]
09 DJ Hazard - Proteus [Playaz]
10 Critical Impact - Translation [Metalheadz]
11 Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]
12 Mutated Forms - Crowlin [Metalheadz]
13 Jubei - Patience VIP [Metalheadz]
14 Rido - Focus [Metalheadz]
15 Basher feat. Xtrah - Convulsions [Ram]
16 Mutated Forms - Doubts [Grid]
17 A Sides - One DJ [ClearSkyz]
18 Mark System feat. Youngman - Hold It [Digital Soundboy]
19 Icicle feat. Robert Owens - Redemption (Alix Perez Remix) [Shogun Audio]
20 Lenzman feat. Riya - Open Page (Subwave Remix) [Metalheadz]
21 dBridge - Cornered [Exit]
22 Jubei - Alignment (Boddika Remix) [Metalheadz]
23 Mikal - Higher Forces [Metalheadz]
24 Wickaman & RV - Ev's Dead [Ram]
25 J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz [Metalheadz]
26 Commix - Be True [Metalheadz]
27 Goldie - Timeless [FFRR]