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Kasra Mowlavi has a reputation for possessing impeccable taste. His Critical Music label has been home to some of the most forward thinking drum & bass since the label’s inception back in 2002, and Mowlavi continues to stretch any tired expectations of the genre by housing work from esteemed new school producers like Rockwell, Sabre, Foreign Concept and Enei. A full circle progression from early releases by Calibre, Breakage and Icicle, it’s a testament to Kasra’s outlook that Critical’s integrity remains unblemished after ten years of releasing music. It hasn’t ever waned or deviated from its original goal of releasing quality drum & bass, properly and without compromise; and that’s something he’s constantly projected - in three compilations he’s compiled on Critical to date and throughout the tracklisting that makes up FABRICLIVE 62.
"I wanted to put together a mix that was both a representation of what I would play at a Critical event at fabric and a snapshot of my favourite drum and bass in 2012. I wanted as much of it to be as upfront as possible but at the same time not sacrificing the quality for the sake of it being fresh. Some of the mixes I love most have been from the FABRICLIVE series so I was conscious of keeping it really high quality and having something that would do the music, and the opportunity, justice. I wanted to bring back the excitement of the tape pack (minus the over enthusiastic MC and horn sounds) so the mix was done live. There are some little imperfections here and there, I like that. It gives it some personality." Kasra

Just one glance at the tracklist of his FABRICLIVE 62 mix - between the Critical dubplates, the unreleased tracks from young Russian talent Enei, Alix Perez’s VIP version of Rockwell’s breakout ‘Underpass’ and collaborations between Phace & Noisia – solidifies just how deep Kasra’s taste, and sphere of influence, within drum & bass runs. Flicking through passages of inspired experimentalism, heady rollers, junglist tangents and apocalyptic breakbeats with stylized panache, Kasra’s ascension from the business to dancefloor couldn’t possibly be cemented harder. After working club spaces the world over for a number of years, FABRICLIVE 62 marks Kasra out as a gifted DJ and a man with infallible judgment and the necessary means to use it properly.

01 Rockwell - Underpass (Alix Perez VIP) [Critical]
02 Foreign Concept - Detuned Souls [Critical]
03 Dub Phizix - Handmade [Critical]
04 Phace & Noisia - Micro Organism [Neosignal]
05 Hybris - The Cleaner VIP [Critical]
06 Sabre, Stray & Halogenix feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique VIP [Critical]
07 Mortem - Uprising [Critical]
08 Alix Perez - Myriads (Jubei Remix) [Shogun Audio]
09 Break - Soundwaves [Critical]
10 Judda - Pressure Plate VIP [Critical]
11 Dub Phizix - Codec [Critical]
12 Hybris - Make My Drink [unreleased]
13 Kasra & Enei - So Real [Critical]
14 Enei - Machines [Critical]
15 Enei & MC DRS - Obsession (Foreign Concept Remix) [Critical]
16 Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle VIP [Critical]
17 S.P.Y - New Beginning VIP [Critical]
18 Phace & Noisia - MPD [unreleased]
19 Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (Enei Remix) [Critical]
20 Commix - Version [Metalheadz]
21 Klute - We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Commercial Suicide]
22 Xtrah - Regain Control [Critical]
23 Icicle & Rockwell - Resources [Shogun Audio]
24 June Miller & Proxima - Killswitch Engage [unreleased]
25 MC DRS feat. Enei - Count To Ten [Soul:r]
26 Mark System - Pursuit [unreleased]
27 Mikal & Break - Just A Game [Metalheadz]
28 Enei & Riya - No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix) [Critical]
29 Stray - Timbre VIP [Critical]