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One of the UK’s finest – the legendary DJ EZ steps up to deliver FABRICLIVE: 71 – a journey into the past, present and future sounds of UK Garage and beyond.

North London’s DJ EZ is a name that should be familiar to anyone who has followed UK underground dance culture over the past 20 years. A stalwart of the airwaves, EZ cut his teeth in the late 80s and early 90s DJing on pirate radio stations such as Dance 93FM and Freek FM, playing a wide range of house and techno influences, before landing his big break with a weekly show on Kiss FM in November 2000. By this point he was fully entrenched in the sounds of UK Garage and Bassline, with the show – and his unprecedented success mixing the ‘Pure Garage’ compilation series – giving him status as one of the key figureheads of the scene. With Garage mutating into Dubstep in the mid-00s, and then coming out the other side in more recent times, DJ EZ has stayed strong throughout, continuing to deliver the goods week-in-week-out, and with many of the UK’s current hot producers citing this era as their influence, DJ EZ’s legend continue to grow.
"Having been DJing for many years now, I have to balance my sets to cover the new EZ follower whilst not forgetting the ones that supported me to get where I am today. It’s not an easy task but I believe this mix will appeal to the wide audience that I am fortunate to play to at this time. If you like your 2 Step, 4x4, Bass, Underground beats, Vocals, Old Skool and New – FABRICLIVE 71 is the mix for you." DJ EZ
01 EZ - EZ Intro 7 [One Recordings]
02 Artful Dodger feat. Zoe Kypri - No I Turn You On (Disclosure Remix - DJ EZ Special) [Public Demand]
03 Moony - Relax [PearShapedMusic]
04 Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Bump & Flex Dance Floor Dub) [Defected]
05 Jammin - Hold On [Bingo Beats]
06 Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works) [Long Lost Brother]
07 Jook 10 - The Beginning [Vex]
08 SBTRKT feat. Sampha - Living Like I Do (Lil' Silva Remix) [XL]
09 Cause & Affect - Kamikaze [Bullet Train]
10 Shystie - Pull It (Fabian Dubz Remix) [Genius Beats]
11 N’n’G - I Keep [Swing City]
12 Stephen Emmanuel pres. Colours - Hold On (SE22 Mix) [Ice Cream]
13 Woz - Reach [Black Butter]
14 Mike Delinquent Project feat. KCAT - Live [Champion]
15 Dem 2 - Destiny [XL]
16 Majestic - Let's Go Back [Speakerbox]
17 Royal-T - I Know You Want Me [Rinse]
18 Nativ - Afrocentrism [Vex]
19 DJ Q pres. Classified - Classified Bass [Q Recordings]
20 EZ - Want You Back [One Recordings]
21 Todd Edwards - Javid Khan [Nu Trend]
22 Once Waz Nice - Messing Around (Wideboys Mix) [Garagejams / Dubz For Klubz]
23 Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle - You & Me [Island]
24 Ed Case feat. Shelley Nelson - Something In Your Eyes [Red Rose]
25 Smokin Beats - Dreams [Smokin Beats]
26 Disclosure feat. Ria Ritchie - Control [Greco-Roman]
27 Issac Christopher - The Good Old Days (Kerri Chandler Instrumental) [Madhouse]
28 MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky [Defected]
29 Cause & Affect - Social Experiment [Bullet Train]
30 RiP Productions - Mellow Works [Ice Cream]
31 MJ Cole - Sincere [Metrix]
32 Jess Mills - Vultures (MJ Cole Remix) [Island]

Anyone who witnessed DJ EZ’s mind-boggling CDJ workout for the Boiler Room last December (that’s nearly 300k of us) will know all about his trademark mixing style. Managing to blend hard and fast cutting, volume manipulation, loops, effects and drops with long subtle mixes to not only contemporise classic records but ultimately bring dancefloor devastation. His style verges on the technical ability of a scratch DJ, but using his skills to enhance the music instead of his own ego. And it’s exactly the same with DJ EZ’s FABRICLIVE mix, as he effortlessly switches between old-school flavours, from 2-step classic ‘Destiny’ by Dem 2 to the 4x4 classic ‘Dreams’ by Smokin Beats, through to upfront cuts from Todd Edwards and Moony, and more contemporary artists such as Disclosure and SBTRKT who have helped bring UK Garage sounds back into the mainstream. To put it simply – EZ delivers on all levels, happily switching between styles and eras without missing a beat – getting respect from the original heads, whilst showing the kids exactly how its done.

Without further ado – it’s time to up your speakers and press play.