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House of Black Lanterns - You, Me, Metropolis WAV

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Dylan Richards moves forward under new moniker House of Black Lanterns, following up his debut album, "Kill The Lights," with a new EP, 'You, Me, Metropolis'.

House of Black Lanterns delivers a single that incorporates the dub-inflected techno textures and sprawling drum & bass soundscapes that he has become known for.
"There were a few loose themes I tried to stick to, with space and texture being two that are important to me and they’re something that becomes increasingly lost in modern productions." House of Black Lanterns
As well as the title track the EP features exclusive remixes from Breakage and _Unsubscribe_ (Dave Clarke & Mr Jones) who both exhibit their penchant for sub-sonic frequencies. Also included is the previously unreleased "Worthless", a rousing workout that encapsulates both his singular approach to sound design and lasting appeal beyond the dancefloor.

As proven during his recent stint at Boiler Room and debut live show at fabric last month, Dylan Richards knows how to captivate an audience. In stark contrast to the uncompromising industrial sound of King Cannibal, "You, Me, Metropolis" is an absorbing, personal account that serves as a fitting follow up for a producer of such enviable pedigree.

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