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Special Request vs Akkord - SR vs AK HTH vs HTH MP3

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2013 was a pretty special year for Houndstooth. The artists we’ve worked with and released have done more to inspire us and stoke our sense of pride than anyone or anything else. So as a bit of a thank you to them and as a means of underlining our first year in existence, we asked our roster to remix each other’s music and create something uniquely Houndstooth for the year’s end. The resulting 7-track digital EP is available to download for only £1 (MP3) / £2 (WAV) here.

In response to overwhelming demand, we have now committed Special Request (aka Paul Woolford) and Mancunian duo Akkord's head-to-head from the release to vinyl, with each remixing their favourite track from the other’s catalogue. Akkord boil 'Lockjaw' down to its very bone-rattling, bass-spattered core, whilst Special Request bleeds a previously untapped acid line from the serrated breakbeats of 'Destruction'.

Order your 12” vinyl (cut by Matt Colton and strictly limited to 500 copies) from this store and receive free WAV files.