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Throwing Snow - Pathfinder EP MP3

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London-based migrant, Ross Tones, makes music under the ever so pertinent moniker, Throwing Snow. Drawing influence from a vast array of genres, his production work possesses consistent and comforting warmth, while still glistening with a serene kind of steely coldness. After a series of acclaimed releases on labels like Local Action, Ho Tep, Sneaker Social Club and his own Snowfall imprint, Tones has since signed an exclusive solo album deal with Houndstooth, following the release of his collaborative project Snow Ghosts on the label in 2013/14.

The songs on Pathfinder are a route into a greater portion of work, giving a sense of what is to come. The overall sound palette and feelings portrayed are what matter, not genre, and the intention of Pathfinder is to be listened to on journeys. The track titles on the EP are meant to reflect the music itself, with lead single “The Tempest” building into sounds of a storm and “Pathfinder” evoking a tense and lost feeling before opening out into a clearing.

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