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18+ - Crow / Horn MP3

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Hyperdub + Warp Records artists Babyfather and GAIKA rework two 18+ tracks from their second album ‘Collect’.

Hyperdub’s Dean Blunt, a category-rejecting artist and an art-pop provocateur tackles ‘Drama’ under his Babyfather guise, looping a low slung swagger beat under the vocals of DJ Escrow and Samia Mirza.

Warp Records multi-disciplined South London artist GAIKA rips apart Glow into a discordant sub-low bassline drone, pitching Samia’s vocal as slow as can go, harsh high pitch tones and field recordings.


Strictly limited to just 200 dinked white labels, the 7” pressing comes bundled with a companion laser etched 7” spider. One for the collectors.

- Order from this store and receive free WAV files upon release.