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Second Storey - Double Divide MP3

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Formerly known as Al Tourettes, London-based producer Alec Storey unveiled his new project as Second Storey with 2013’s ‘Margosa Heights’ EP. ‘Double Divide’, his debut LP, is a massive statement of an album and inhabits a space full of contradictions, paradoxes and idiosyncrasies. Storey produces music that runs the gamut from multi-part suites of hefty sound design to club-shaking yet brainy dance epics for labels like Apple Pips, Aus and many more. This new project is at the crossroads; vastly complex, intricately arranged and inspired by love and emotion.

Written over the course of a self reflective year, ‘Double Divide’ is a mix of adventurous club tunes that show off Storey’s bass roots as well as his psychedelically-inspired musical abilities. Like many others, Storey has fallen under the spell of Aphex Twin and Autechre and has been shaped by the complex rhythmic structures and emotive melodic phrases associated with their music. These influences are evident on the stripped-down opener ‘North Facing’, the Mary Anne Hobbs-supported ‘Devotion Notion’, as well as ‘Chordelia’ and ‘The Overview Effect’, the final two tracks on the album.

Storey is also heavily inspired by funk in its myriad forms, from Prince to Parliament, to the crazed robotics of Drexciya and the raw techno sludge of Cristian Vogel and Neil Landstrumm through to dark drum and bass from artists like Ed Rush & Optical. Although influences are forever overlapping, if you listen close enough, you can hear the funk flowing in ‘Reserved’ and in the melodic lead single ‘Shaman Champagne’. Echoes can also be heard in the rhythmic ‘Combustion Hallmark’ and the raw ‘One Sound’.

‘Double Divide’ is music for the mind and feet, inspired by feelings that are indescribable, which to Storey, is the essence of good music. Available on 2xLP, CD and download. The vinyl is cut & mastered by Matt Colton, and limited to 300 copies. Buy vinyl from this store to receive free WAVs upon release.