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Akkord - HTH035 WAV

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HTH035 collects Akkord’s four tracks from their 2014 HTH020 EP together with the two stellar reinterpretations that made up the HTH030 release, and adds brand new, previously unreleased versions from two more producers at the top of their game in their respective genres.

The original quartet of tracks from HTH020 paired monumental low-end frequencies with surgically precise production, and ranged from doomsday ambience ('Gravure' and 'Greyscale') to sparse yet energetic floorfillers underpinned by stomping beats and descending basslines ('Continuum' and 'Typeface'). On HTH030, Tri-Angle Records’ (and co-producer on Björk’s latest album) The Haxan Cloak dissected elements from all four tracks, reassembling them into a 10-minute masterpiece, a wall of sound that defies classification. Meanwhile, fabric’s Room 2 inspired Hospital Productions label boss Vatican Shadow arranges parts of ‘Typeface’ and ‘Greyscale’ along with his own sounds, to create an intricate, ominous techno trip. Completing the line-up on HTH035, Fis (Tri-Angle / Loopy) and Regis (Downwards / Sandwell District) both sourced elements from 'Gravure' and 'Continuum', the former conveying experimental drones and left of centre D&B abstraction in his reworking, whilst the latter loops sludgy dub techno atmospherics in his inimitable style.

HTH035 is designed to fully explore the range of possibilities presented by the building blocks of one EP, whether consumed as 8 individual pieces, or as one whole collection.