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18+ - Collect WAV

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'- A collect phone call is a form of communication based on the understanding that the receiver pays the cost of the message sent
- A collection agency buys debt at a fraction of its balance based on the reduced likeliness of the debt being recouped
- To collect is to gather, to source and to inventory

18+ return with their thirteen-track second second album, ‘Collect’, which explores the duo’s aggressive evolution as musicians. Frequently radical and genre-defying, together Justin and Samia have produced their most ambitious and powerful work to date. On 'Collect', the duo explore the relationship of public vs private in a more invasive style, exemplified by the sampling of phone calls and personal field recordings intertwined between tracks.

Recorded collaboratively between Justin and Samia’s respective Berlin and Honolulu residences, the album is a product of their physical geographical distance and autobiographical individual growth: the fragmented meeting of displaced minds, reflecting on the way we now interact in a variety of contexts, from platonic, to professional, to economic.

Available on 2xLP, CD and download. The vinyl is cut & mastered by Matt Colton. Buy vinyl from this store to receive free WAVs upon release.