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Various Artists - In Death's Dream Kingdom Vinyl

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Due to popular demand we have pressed up the IDDK compilation onto limited edition deluxe 4xLP for £30. Order now and receive the WAVS right away. We have commissioned an extra VINYL ONLY bonus track by German producer Christoph De Babalon, whose 1997 album 'If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It' was this year remastered to critical acclaim.

 Gatefold 350gsm outer - hand drawn illustrations  

→ Buy - Individual tracks via Bandcamp 0.79p

→ Buy - Full 25 track bundle (mp3 or WAV) £9.99

It represents a complete rethink about what it means to compile and commission music in the streaming era – and the tracks and seductively dark atmospheres conjured as a result are exploring all kinds of new sonic territory, too. In short, the cream of leftfield electronic talent have been given a brief: to take the phrase “in Death's dream kingdom”, or the whole of TS Elliot's poem The Hollow Men from which it comes, as inspiration. The resulting 25 tracks will be released, one by one, together with further online texts, and extraordinary artwork by Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, to build into a new kind of audio-visual artefact. Not an album in the traditional sense, certainly more than just a playlist, it brings together a seriously diverse array of talents into a coherent whole with a vivid aesthetic reverberating through it. It occupies a similar space to the great home listening electronica acts of the 90s – Future Sound Of London, Global Communication, the Artificial Intelligence axis – but there are no throwbacks here: this is radical in sound and thought. Dark music for dark times.

“A work of pure desolation, an echo from a point of no return” - Pitchfork

“Few record labels would be able to draw a line so ably between Otto Lindholm, Tomoko Sauvage, Peter Van Hoesen and Ian William Craig,” – Resident Advisor

Featuring original written music artists such as Lanark Artefax, Pan Daijing, Gazelle Twin, Fever Ray co-producer Peder Mannerfelt and the apocalyptic artwork of Rotterdam-based artist Jazz Szu-Ying Chen.

Cut and mastered by Matt Colton @ Alchemy, manufactured at optimal-media, Germany.