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AQXDM - Infrared MP3

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Aquarian and Deapmash return as AQXDM for 'Infrared' 

Written remotely from Berlin and Caen respectively, this five track EP expands on their now hallmark sound -- hypnotic, golden-era rave, 90s jungle and mind-bending techno n’ IDM filtered through a high-definition, cinematic lens.

Massive kicks, quaking sub bass and blistering breakbeats converge with soaring atmospherics and throwback rave stabs in a wholly modern and heavy-as-hell package. The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow! 

Championed by the likes of Aphex Twin, Skee Mask, Call Super, Zenker Brothers

Cut and mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis, manufactured at optimal media, Germany.