jj18 - JJ's prayer

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Justin Swinburne (part of the duo 18+ alongside Samia Mirza) has announced his first solo mixtape as jj18. jj's prayer will arrive on April 20th alongside a 48 minute visual. jj's prayer is as political as it is personal - spanning themes of disaster fantasy, the presence of avatars in today's social spheres, identity, and co-dependency and the realities of being alone.

While 18+ was a project that touched on the relationship between two people, jj18 is about an individual attempting to piece together their own narrative of identity in an increasingly fragmented world. To coincide with this announcement, jj18 is also sharing the first single and visual from the mixtape. Check out "better days" plus listen to a clip from track three - "here w u"

jj18 is Justin Swinburne who was born in Los Angeles and lives and works in Berlin. jj's prayer, jj18's debut mixtape, features music and videos made over the past 5 years in LA, Berlin, Moorpark, London, Lofoten and New York City.


  1. terrible
  2. a cold
  3. here w u
  4. known
  5. game1
  6. no
  7. bb idk
  8. better days
  9. scream
  10. no kings
  11. mirror
  12. lay
  13. game2
  14. late
  15. Clip - playing track 3 - here w u