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Wordcolour - Juno Way WAV

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Following the release of his excellent debut on Barcelona’s Lapsus Records, Wordcolour lands on Houndstooth with an astounding EP of next generation club music. The London-based producer invites us into his musical world as we journey through three highly detailed soundscapes, both emotionally resonant and functional for the floor.

‘Breathless’ is a frenetic track filled with panting and breath sounds; coming out of a desire to explore faster tempos. Sitting at 160bpm, with elements of electro, IDM and footwork that also had these brief breakcore moments that jump out at you. 

‘Juno’ is a track that is kind of a homage to the feel of the venue Juno Café, and finally, ‘I Waited For You This Morning’ feels a bit like a sequel to my track ‘Tell Me Something’, released on LAPSUS in July, using similar vocal samples.  This one is a dreamy, melancholic techno track.

"The last time I went out clubbing before the pandemic was to see Joe (Hessle) DJ at a little warehouse-type venue in South Bermondsey called Juno Café. It was just around the corner from my house, and they’d been starting to put on events through 2019. Once lockdown happened, I’d go running past the building and it didn’t take long before it was shut down with the windows boarded up and a repossession notice on the door. Juno Way is the name of the road where Juno Café was. Mostly written through the months of lockdown, the title of this EP is a homage to this half-remembered, half-imagined, disappeared club space."

With a background in jazz, pop and contemporary classical, Wordcolour has also previously produced music for TV and theatre. On his sophomore solo release, he demonstrates his diverse musical knowledge with dynamic and engaging compositions that indicate many years of music making. While making nods to the best of contemporary UK experimentation, these cinematic tracks deftly switch between tempos all the while retaining Wordcolour’s own aesthetic signature.