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Snow Ghosts - Lied WAV

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For those already aware of the work of Snow Ghosts it will come as little surprise that their new single ‘Lied’ creeps into your ears and finds a dark corner from where it slowly spreads into your consciousness and refuses to budge. Shot through with the gothic drama that has been a hallmark of their work since their debut EP, this first instalment of a new approach from the band marks another staging post in the band’s transition from studio project to fully fledged, fully instrumentalised outfit.
The culmination of Snow Ghosts' influences and abilities is a music that transcends the labels that are so often attached to contemporary music. Whilst Drowned in Sound were undoubtedly onto something when they talked of electronica ‘assimilated into the worlds of ambient and folk music’ on ‘A Wrecking’, Snow Ghosts’ latest recordings have moved the goalposts once more, utilising all the talents at their disposal to create music that can incorporate the high drama and pure (original) gothic of ‘Lied’ and the plaintive, naked beauty of ‘Decorate My Bones’ in under ten minutes.