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Throwing Snow - Loma WAV

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Throwing Snow returns to Houndstooth for the anticipated album Loma.

Compiling all eight tracks from a digital four-part series released earlier in the year, the package will be pressed to vinyl for the first time, accompanied by a brand new 11 minute extended remix from Brooklyn-based Octo Octa (100% Silk/Running Back/Honey Soundsystem).

Opening with the held-back, break-neck stepper of 'Simmer', through to the jagged-edge, half time DnB bomb of 'Vulpine' and the lightly swung, garage-infused blows 'of 'Subtitles', this marks Ross Tones most varied and proficient work to date on one of 2018's most essential imprints.

Released on 2xLP vinyl in two different colours - yellow and green. Cut and mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, manufactured at optimal media, Germany.

After the Mosaic LP I followed it with Axioms EP, which followed the same release format/schedule and aimed more at the dance floor After releasing Embers LP I'm following that up with another collection of dance floor releases spread over 2018 and then collected into a very special vinyl release. 

Axioms used the same rules to build all the tracks, hence the name. For this collection of tracks I'm using the same equipment and workflow throughout as a rule. The dance floor tracks but 'filtered' through different genre influences (hence the filters in the artwork) 


Is a simple repeated arpeggio line that constantly changes throughout. The drums stumble and fall over themselves hence the name Trébucher which is stumble in French (and a weapon) 

Is a moody weapon where the timing of the bass pulse morphs throughout creating different feelings. The drums utilise an amen at 125 which mirrors the stumbling feeling of Trébucher 

This is the track I've always wanted to write. It combines many of my musical loves in one, it feels like jungle but at 125bpm. The main synth sound (the MFB Dominion Club) moves from a sub bass through to a 303 like acid work out and back again. 

The baseline is an ode to Teebee vs Future Prophecy's Dimensional Entity which came out on Subtitles, hence the name. I used a bowed lid sample recorded by Will Plowman to tie the two tracks together with the same ambience. 

Myriad and Minotaurs are both about morphing landscapes, one sweeping and subtle, the other brooding and sudden. 
Myriad features a cyclic synth line that constantly spirals downward before switching direction as it rises out of a valley. While on Minotaurs, jagged spikes sit over an ominous rolling sub before the sky opens up and the clouds clear.

Vulpine: Plays with jagged, interlocking rhythms at 85/170bpm yet references the aesthetic of the other EPs. 

V: Meanwhile flaunts with a morphing time signature routed in 5/4 over evolving arpeggios.