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Marie Davidson - Pleasure On My Mind

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Buy Marie Davidson's track today - V/A Compilation - Out 21 June 2024

'In Pursuit of Pleasure' is a curation of music comprised of trans, non-binary, queer and LGBTQIA+ allies in the music community with an emphasis based around collaboration and community – featuring the more leftfield side of electronic and experimental music. Of the proceeds, there will be a donation to the LGBTQIA+ charity ‘Rainbow Migration’ - a charity for those who seek asylum due to their sexual orientation where their welfare maybe at risk.  
Drawing on her experiences of dance music and club culture, ‘Pleasure On My Mind’ written, produced and performed by Marie Davidson opens the latest V/A release which you can hear today – this track comes alongside luminaries such as London born Hyperdub mainstay Ikonika, featuring their own vocals. Josh Caffé, known for his work in the house and techno music scenes brings their infectious ear worm lyrics to the floor whilst Spanish born experimental composers Ana Quiroga and JASSS add their own stamp on what can be written for the late LATE afterparty, part apocalypse, part film score.

DAZED recently featured producers Elliot and Orny aka FAFF – both known for London’s queer party scene this time move away from their usual high-octane sounds in favour of lush pads and that classic braindance sound. 

NVST, pronounced "N-vest write unnerving dubstep-techno, feeling like it fits so perfectly to the sounds of cult Manchester legends Akkord, high precision slabs of metallic techno where Manchester/Bristol meets Germany’s raster-media (PKA - Raster-Noton).

s.a.t.i.n. (aka Satin, from London/ Berlin) is the new project of Under My Feet founder Ireen Amnes and Ash Luk (Infinity Division fka Minimal Violence), allowing themselves to add angst and free party movement to their sound, chopped vox, jungle stabs and punk marry in the track ‘Purgatory’.

Introspekt brings that bit of deep and immersive basslines and 4/4 bounce, a track that feels like the night is fully kicking off when all of a sudden we reach that peak time track, that moment when you know you are in for a good night, heads down, Nur Jaber takes over and the rest……is … as  …. they … say…

'In Pursuit of Pleasure' 

“Let me ask you a question
It’s about satisfaction 
Are you willing to? 
Use your imagination”


01 Marie Davidson - Pleasure On My Mind
02 Josh Caffé - Rextilla
03 Introspekt - Drip Dub
04 FAFF - Mourning A Dream
05 Ikonika - Do The Work
06 NVST - No Elements (5th Version Of Dimensions)
07 JASSS - Machine Food
08 s.a.t.i.n - Purgatory
09 Ana Quiroga - We Exist, We Resist
10 Nur Jaber - Mind Games