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Throwing Snow - Mosaic VIPs Vinyl

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Following the success of his collaborative Snow Ghosts project, Ross Tones returns on Houndstooth with 'Mosaic', his highly-anticipated debut album under his solo guise, Throwing Snow. Ahead of its release, he has taken three tracks from the LP, and given them the VIP treatment aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

The vocals of fellow Red Bull Music Academy participant Adda Kaleh are employed on both ‘Maera’, which is reworked into a rave-fuelled anthem with a surprising twist, and ‘The Tempest’, which becomes a house banger with a distinctly Eastern flavour. Meanwhile, the delicate chimes and synths of ‘Linguis’ are laid upon a swinging, garagey four-to-the-floor.

Cut & mastered by Matt Colton. As usual, you'll receive free WAV files when you buy vinyl from this store.

Special offer: order on vinyl and receive a free 12" copy of Throwing Snow's 'Clamor' EP (while stocks last, free WAVs applicable to Houndstooth release only).