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Guy Andrews – [MT][NT][ET] MP3

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Permanence is the name of the new album by the musician/producer Guy Andrews, whose work lies predominantly in the sphere of abstract electronic composition, crafting sonic textures which brood as they do blossom. Released on September 16th, the record will be followed by this ambient counterpart [MT][NT][ET] on 11th November, with a further release of remixes by Kevin Drumm to follow early in 2021.

After a short hiatus from Guy Andrews, a prologue to the album Permanence called "Twenty Seven Inches Of Mercury" was released on July 29th 2020, which channels Guy's evolving compositional process and resourcefulness when looking for inspiration.

This idea of encouraging listeners to engage on their own terms also extends to the process of creating the artwork. Guy commissioned Totnes based artist Jenny Frances to provide a visual, subjective response to the music. Both [MT][NT][ET] and Permanence will be offered as an art print alongside the digital album release. You can find Jenny at