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Shift Work - Notes to Self 1 WAV

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Notes To Self 1 sees one of Houndstooth’s most recent signings Shift Work follow up 2015's well received Document II EP. Crafted in their North London studio, crammed with various bits of analogue gear in varying states of disrepair, the duo dance from techno to acid to EBM fuelled beats at will throughout this latest release.

The EP leads off with Contact High, whose vocal is reduced to commanding shards. These are aggressively fired through a bassline that sounds as if it was crafted by a parallel world's Giorgio Moroder, bred on punk rather than disco.

A God fearing woman buried deep within Re-Gene piously pleads in a deadpan tone, her voice trying in vain to push through an erratically arp-ing bassline of increasing intensity. Driven to the bitter end by whip-cracking percussion, the storm ultimately subsides allowing her the final word to summate the track.

Rounding out the release is Signal. Set against a relentless industrial buzz and clang, a freeform monologue disorientates and threatens to draw the listener into narcosis, only for them to be jolted upright with every clash of steel on steel. 

Notes To Self 1 hits the digital racks on the 22nd July as part of a series of 3 releases from Shift Work in 2016 - Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.