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Aïsha Devi - Of Matter And Spirit Remixes Vinyl

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Aïsha Devi's 'Of Matter And Spirit' LP encapsulated the spiritual metamorphosis and transcendental journeys of this other-worldly figure. The Swiss/Nepalese-Tibetan producer mentions Sufism and Tibetan monks as her major influences. Aïsha Devi published the album under her birth name, adding further integrity and candour to this already intimate piece. The 'Of Matter And Spirit Remixes' EP offers a series of new perspectives on the sonic wonders hidden in Aïsha Devi's debut album. Irish duo Lakker open the cast of remixers with their take on 'Anatomy Of Light', adding a heavy dose of syncopated percussion. No Pain In Pop regular (and recent Ninja Tune signing) Throwing Shade transforms 'Kim & The Wheel of Life' – Aïsha Devi's comment about contemporary idols channelling commerciality rather than spirituality – into a session of brief introspection. The remix EP also boasts two reworks of Aïsha's hit single 'Mazdâ'. Berlin's Mind:Body:Fitness interprets the track as a whirlpool of trance. The cherry on top is the spooky Killing Sound version, featuring MC/vocalists Rafael Shafique and Bogues. The collection enhances and twists the ethereal beauty within 'Of Matter And Spirit' and leads this singular, meditative artist straight into the ritualism of the dancefloor.

The 12” is cut & mastered by Matt Colton, and strictly limited to 300 copies. Get free WAV files when you buy vinyl from this store.