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On Man (ft. F-M-M-F) - Squares and Triangles (The Bug Remix)

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We're excited to introduce you to London-based producer On Man, a musician whose previous collaborations include Giggs, Darq E Freaker, Zebra Katz and Mr Hudson amongst others.

The original 'Squares and Triangles features fellow London-based rapper F-M-M-F' and now we have Ninja Tune's insanely good producer 'The Bug' on remix duties.

"Pure, physical heaviness - that’s what I wanted with the Squares and Triangles remix, and that’s why I was so excited that The Bug agreed to take on the track. It was a deep, dark track already but he's grabbed it and submerged it down into the abyss in a way that only he can. I’ve been a big fan ever since London Zoo, and I love all of his other projects, so it’s an honour to have him jump on board." ~ On Man

"What attracted me to remixing 'Squares & Triangles' was the sense of mystery. I had never heard of the artist On Man, nor the MC F-M-M-F, and so i had no preconceptions nor obstacles. I loved the fact the vocals provided more questions than answers. And as a fellow freak, in a time where so much music is made to fit blandly into a conformist box, I totally admired the fact this song existed in its own, uncommercial, non-aligned zone.
I just knew as soon as i heard the original, i instantly dug the ice-cold mood and felt I wanted to make it both heavier and deeper simultaneously." ~ The Bug

"F-M-M-F's twisted verbals were hyper-tense and psychotic, so the challenge was to try and intensify the deadly narrative of the lyrics still further... So i opted for max brutality, absolute minimalism, and a relentless groove to carry the crushing weight and add to the sense of danger and drama." ~ The Bug

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