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On Man (ft. F-M-M-F) - Squares and Triangles

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We are excited to introduce you to London-based producer On Man, a musician whose previous collaborations include Giggs, Darq E Freaker, Zebra Katz and Mr Hudson amongst others.

Squares and Triangles features fellow London-based rapper F-M-M-F alongside this video directed by Ian Roderick Gray (The Banksy Job).

“Squares and Triangles was a turning point for the project - the first track I finished where I felt like things were heading in the right direction. F-M-M-F’s fantastic vocals hooked me straight away. They read almost like a film, exploring the tension of a doomed relationship when incompatible edges collide, crack and crumble amongst the lies.”

On Man’s creative roots lie deep. An artist with a unique gift for sound design, he’s able to conjure perfect pop songs and then corrode them, revealing the emotional truths underneath. An electronic artist with a human touch, he’s worked in the studio for an array of other artists, as well as delivering huge cinematic soundtrack projects, all while pursuing his own solitary agenda. "Squares and Triangles" marks the first step of this personal journey and more will follow later this year.