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Overmono – 'If U Ever'

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Overmono’s new track ‘If U Ever’ is as optimistic as they come. With bright synths, breaks and an R&B vocal that sounds like it’s been warped by sunlight, ‘If U Ever' takes Overmono's signature sound and turns it into something that could be their most radio friendly track to date. 

We knew we wanted to write something that felt like the opposite of the time we were in,” say the duo. "we wanted to try and capture the feeling that summer had finally arrived, we’re round a mate's house having some drinks and it’s nearly time to head out for the night.” 

The track is exclusive to the new fabric presents mix curated by the Russell brothers, along with two of their Poly Kicks contributions ‘So U Kno’ and ‘BMW Track’ plus their ripping remix of ‘I Have Love’ by For Those I Love.