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Penelope Trappes - Mother's Blood Edition

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All ten songs from ‘Penelope Three’ have been drastically transformed by Penelope into fragile liquid space, keeping the flowing blood and flesh of the original album, but removing the skeleton and muscle. Completely free of words, Penelope delivers her intimate message of the matriarchy though drone, noise, focus, time, and space - weaving a womb-like enveloping meditation.

The therapeutic and deliberate omission of her own vocals draws the listener into a more personal realm, allowing them to traverse the unseen gothic landscapes within. Like the cassette itself - transparent, guts visible, with traces of blood - the sound is starkly drenched in a potent solvent, mutating from the emotional and gentle to the devastating, while tracing the matriarchal lineage and the power of our original source - our mother’s blood. Accompanying the cassette is an hour-long surrealistic film by Agnes Haus and Penelope called ‘Mother’s Blood."

Lucky Eleven - Mother's Blood Version (trailer for Mother's Blood - The film) -

“By silencing my voice and pulling away the architecture, I wanted to deconstruct a new starting point for “Penelope Three” into a minimal and hushed space - an environment similar to the memories of the muffled music of life within our mother’s wombs. All creative energy stems from the nine months we spend in-utero, suspended in fluid, connected to the creative force only by our mother’s blood - our starting point. Sound, other than touch, is our first sensory experience within the womb realm, waiting listening in complete immersion. That is the sound I wanted to create.”

- Penelope Trappes