Snow Ghosts - Real World Sessions

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‘Real World Sessions’ is the live recordings of selected tracks from ‘A Quiet Ritual’, Snow Ghosts’ third album on Houndstooth. ‘Heavy Heart’, ‘Ribcage’ and ‘Spinners’ are taken from the album that explores the different ways we deal with death and loss, our quiet rituals. After the initial recording of their album last year, Snow Ghosts spent a day performing their songs live and shooting footage of their session alongside John Kenny playing the 2000 year-old instrument, the Carnyx, at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. This EP also features a soul-twisting rework of ‘Heavy Heart’ by Mogwai.  



  1. Snow Ghosts – Heavy Heart (Live)
  2. Snow Ghosts – Ribcage (Live)
  3. Snow Ghosts – Spinners (Live)
  4. Snow Ghosts – Heavy Heart (Mogwai Remix)