Snow Ghosts - The Fleet

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Snow Ghosts go for the jugular on ‘The Fleet’, taken from their sophomore album ‘A Wrecking’. Hannah Cartwright’s yearning vocal tops a pulsing kick, carried along on a chugging guitar bass, interspersed by a discordant electric violin solo. The single is backed with an extraordinary version of ‘Circles Out Of Salt’ by Ian William Craig, whereby he tears the vocal into threads and weaves it with swathes of white noise back into a ragged yet beautiful choral tapestry. Finally, an epic live rework of Snow Ghosts’ biggest track to date, ‘And The World Was Gone’, gives a taste of what to expect when you see them perform on stage.



  1. The Fleet
  2. Circles Out Of Salt (Ian William Craig Version)
  3. And The World Was Gone (Live Version)